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A friend of mine told me today that the church that his daughter goes to does not want the children dressing up like ghouls, goblins, witches..etc. for Halloween. Instead…they want them to dress as religious figures, like an angel, a wise man, mary, joseph..and all that…

Okay…I didn’t know that Halloween was now the new Christmas! Everything has a place..and everything needs to STAY in that place…don’t go mixing my holidays up.

I told him that she should dress up as one of the following

1) one of the 4 horsemen

2) a gun-toting angel and say that you are post-apocalypse fighting demons

3) zombie jesus

he did not understand my number 3 reference. I explained…

Jesus died…he was dead…right? right..

He rose from the grave…which would make him the living dead

I’ve watched all those Day of the Living Dead and such movies…if something or someone DIES then comes back…that makes them a friggin zombie!

I know all the religious freaks out there will have a cow if they see this

and I’m prolly going to hell for even saying it…but c’mon…Jesus HAS to have a sense of humor. He knows these movies were made…and he’s prolly up in the big mansion in the sky talkin to his dad saying…Dad, I was the original zombie. All those movies…”I” inspired
Maybe I don’t eat brains and snack on arms and legs, but in a small way…I inspired that WHOLE thing!

Just HAD to write that…sooooo….if you see any small kid angels running around, douse them with some fake blood and tell them the apocalypse is upon is.



poor lil LJ...
I've been neglecting it since I got my new phone

been neglecting my Tumblr too
I'll have to remedy that later

How has everyone been?

sooo happy...at the moment. lol

I found this awesome website...
well, my mom saw it on TV and said I should look at it


It's got clothes and stuff from size 12-44
i didnt really see anything size 44
but i did see jeans...niiiice jeans..size 32
and decently priced too

if you're a fluffy girl, like me, you'll understand
the thrill i got when i got on there and saw they had
my size..well..a size bigger...in the clearance section for $10!!

I got me 2 pairs and my mom 2 pairs for close to $50, shipping and all

I am just super duper thrilled
they had amazing stuff
plus guy's clothes too

only downer part was..that drained most of my funds i had set aside for
father's day and my days off...
but oh well...2 pairs of pants for work!!
fuhreakin sweet!

Always I wanna be with you...

okay..I lied..haha

Anyways, last night at my Aunt's house
gotta say, i'm glad...
i'm ready to sleep in my own bed again
and relax

I think I'm going to go play some more
Robot Unicorn Attack!!

it's awesome

mainly because WoW isn't cooperating with me at the moment

well now...

After spending an entire week at my aunt's house
I've come to a major conclusion

I hate living on my own

It's too quiet...no one to talk to
not enough food
and it just all around sucks

i'm sure if it were actually MY house
and MY stuff it'd be better
but as of right now...that is my conclusion

I've decided to stay at my house today, and travel back to her house tonight
to make sure the dogs go poo or something like that

and my mom said she'd go to the store after work and buy me food to take with me

I've noticed that I havent updated my journal in a long time, and I had actually been doing so for a while...and here's why

I'm addicted to Twitter!!

I can't seem to break away from it
you tweet...reply...DM
and then..RIGHT when you're fixing to go
do something with your life...
someone replies or posts something awesome
and it sucks you right back in again!

I've been neglecting Facebook too...
oh well

oh, and on another note, I must be one hot commodity at the moment
My ex boyfriend texted and called me last night
didn't really know it until like an hour later because I have his number
on my auto reject list..haha
he leaves me like 3 or 4 texts saying how much he loves me
how beautiful i am
how much he likes me to be his girlfriend
and how sorry he is
and how he doesnt know what happened
and he just wants me to call and talk to him

I havent returned a call nor txted him since March
If it were me, I'd take that as this person OBVIOUSLY
doesn't want to talk to me, so I shouldn't talk to them
but he "doesn't know what happened"
that's what happened...


This morning another guy that wanted to date me
texts me wanting to see what's new
told him...nothing
he informs me he's still looking for a girlfriend
i said, oh..i guess everyone is
he says...but you're not
no..i'm not looking for a girlfriend
he doesn't get the joke...
he wants to know why I don't want to date him
i tell him there's no connection...no spark
he takes that as i hate him
i tell him that i'm looking for a MAN...not just a guy...not a boy
he doesnt understand
i tell him...obviously
no more txts..


and this is why i'm single

i remember talking to this one guy
he was a bass player in my friend's band
i really liked him
my friend told me to joke around with him
about this stash of gay porn that was found at his house
i make a small joke about it
he blows up about it and just gets all crazy
i tell him if he doesnt have a better sense of humor than that
to never fuckin talk to me again

i see him the other day...he works at this cleaning service
that is now the janitors at the factory i work at

ha...it's funny how things work out...

he now cleans the bathrooms, and i'm now a step or two
higher in the chain of command at work

i step up...he falls down...


whatever...well, my loooong book here is done. sooooo
*waves* bai guys!!


Sign the Slender Man Petition!

The site you go to for that really explains it all

We believe that the Slender Man should be made into a movie
and who better to do that than Norman Reedus?!
His film making skills are PERFECT for this kind of movie

sooo...check it out, and sign the petition!

oh wow...

it's nearing 5 AM..and i STILL can't sleep!!
And i'm going to the doctor with my mom in about
4 hours *blinkblink*

I've had horrible dreams the past two nights
and they are the same ones, i woke up early today...
went back to sleep, and the damn dream started back where it left off!!

In my dreams..i know they are dreams, because i keep repeating that to myself
or i'll tell the ppl in the dreams, oh i remember this...it was in my dream before

but...it's these ppl, and they're coming to kill me
and as hard as i try, i can't hide from them
everytime i try to lock up my house, or shut up my windows
something goes wrong...like, the locks do not work
or the window keeps falling open
and i keep running and running from them
trying to hide somewhere...anywhere
and it never works
they always find me
and my heart is beating so hard...it feels like its going to pop out of my chest
and i can't breathe
and i'm so scared
and alone
and i want it to end...

and that's why i haven't taken a nap today
i'm kind of afraid to fall back asleep
i dont want to dream this again

but i need to get my sleep regulated and FAST
because i'm only off one more day
and then i have to go back to work
as much as i dont wanna...haha

And just now thinking about it...
I haven't left my house in 4 days
and most of it, i've stayed shut up in my room

i'm such a hermit...


last night sucked balls..
it was hott as hell at work

i get home, watch a little tv...twitter a little
ya know, the usual

then i try to sleep

i get one hell of a killer headache
a mouse jumps on my arm, scaring the shit outta me
something bumps outside my window, scaring me
i finally have to get up to get tylenol
because my head is pounding so bad i cant concentrate
then i go back to bed, and try to look at my computer
but i cant see because my vision is all fuzzy
i try for about 5 minutes...give up and go to sleep finally

im saying the headache was from getting so hot at work
but...its something that just happens

had some weird dreams about zombies
kinda like left 4 dead zombies
there's a small group of survivors
and we go out killing zombies and trying to find
other ppl...

and the other dream was that i got a new car
it was a mazda...something or another
it was suhweet! ...after i figured out how to move the seat back

gah..i'm even awkward in my dreams too


Today has been interesting
I went to get my hair trimmed up
but I ended up not getting it done
My aunt was busy...and it just felt like
she really didn't want to do it today

Sooo...I'll just get my mommy to do it later

I was feeling really craptastic earlier
and while i was standing at walmart, waiting on my mom
I got a DM from Norman answering a question I had sent him last night
asking if he played any video games

he said his son likes to beat him at soccer if that counted

and yes...it does count. hehehe


I am beginning to dislike Facebook
well...not really that
but some of the ppl on my friends list

I have my cousin who is just so uber goober in love with this guy
that she's only met twice..and they're actually getting married in
a few months...guess 3rd time's a charm, huh?

A guy that I used to just love his infinite wisdom and awesomness
but right now...i don't
i just see it as having to be the complete opposite of what i say
when i have a point..and i want to make it

Which is why I love my Twitter!

yup...none of those bad, smart ass bitchy ppl are on my Twitter
it's for the cool kids!


Tonight at work, it was terrrrible
Apparently guys think that since I'm a girl, I dont know what the fuck i'm talking about
I tell them not to touch anything on a machine...it's running fine
and they have to go fuck around with it

i was so mad...they made their bed...and they had to lie in it all night

*evil laugh*